Frequently Asked Questions

Some of my sales reps have been selling a long time and are very seasoned. Would Blitz onDemand be valuable for them?

Absolutely! Blitz onDemand has been used effectively by new reps, seasoned reps, outside sales, inside sales, commercial, and public sector sales reps. After the Blitz it is often the most seasoned reps who are the biggest fans of the program!

Will it be effective to take outside sales reps out of the field for Blitz onDemand?

Your outside sales reps will be more productive than on a typical day in the field. They will be learning practical tactics for setting appointments with Decision Makers and will actually be spending most of the time during the program calling customers!

What are some things we should take into consideration when compiling our call lists?
  • Calling into current customers to find additional opportunities.
  • New calls to contacts that have never been made.
  • Proposals that are stalled where contact is no longer responding to the rep.
  • Customers who haven't ordered anything in over a year.
  • Customers who said they've had a bad experience with your company in the past.
  • Troubled accounts that reps want to get back into using our techniques.
Where can I purchase lists?

Some resources you might consider for purchasing lists are: IMP, TSRI, and Harte-Hanks (If you purchase a list, it is important to allow extra time as the list will need more scrubbing than a list pulled from your CRM.)

What level of contacts should we target?

This is totally up to you to decide, depending on your new business development initiatives and what you're trying to accomplish with the calls. You can include mid-level managers as well as C-level executives if you like. The techniques discussed during the training work for any level contact.